Feng Shui is an ancient art and science, developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It’s only just started to be adapted to the western world more recently and many people are seeing the possibilities of the techniques and how this can bring about change in many aspects of your life.  

Feng Shui is the practice of arranging your environment so that energy or “chi” flows gently and smoothly through your home or business environment. Makes your space around you feel good and supporting what you want out of life – whether it’s a better career, new romance, improved health, or more income.  

This doesn’t mean knocking down walls or moving bathrooms, changes I suggest are more cosmetic than structural. It’s looking at balances (yin and yang) and brings about harmony in your environment for the chi to flow and bring about change and improvements.  

How Can Feng Shui help you?

  • Change: Looking at moving house and struggling to sell? Maybe reorganising the home and generating energy in the right areas can bring about a change?

  • Relationships: Attracting a new relationship, improving a current relationship, get along better with family, friends or co-workers.

  • Career: Enjoying your work, make more money in a business, figuring out where you want to go with your work, making changes to your career and making these successful.

  • Wealth: Generate more cash flow, gain a stable income, and raise money for special purposes or occasions.  

  • Health: Improve and optimise your overall health, improvements in your social and family relationships, gain a sense of balance in life. 

  • Travel: Attract more helpful and empowering people in your life. A desire to travel to a specific destination,  becoming more connected to your spiritual beliefs

  • Knowledge: Improve grades and achieve goals, make better decisions and believe in your abilities and inner wisdom. Attract opportunities for the goals you’ve set.



These are set for an hours visit, we review the areas of your life you wish for improvement and layouts of the rooms are taken during the consultation.

A follow-up appointment is then arranged to go through the steps and where certain objects and enhancements can be arranged for a better flow of the environment.


I'm CRB checked and fully insured for comfort and peace of mind.


Get in touch if you have any more questions.


Or if you believe feng shui could help you click here to find out about pricing and appointments


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