About Life Coaching Life Coaching is for everyone and anyone, no matter your background or what you want to achieve. Life Coaches are to support in finding out where you are now, where you want to be and what steps and actions you need to complete to get to that ideal goal or dream.  Depending on your goal, dream and taking into consideration the way you find it best to move forward, the appointments and tools used will be catered to you, ensuring you get the best results.  

Why Does Life Coaching Work so Well?

  • You will associate time to it – we will have appointments and follow-ups 

  • We will review the “as is” situation and see what’s not working and turn it round to benefit you

  • Through the session(s) we will focus our energies on what you can change and redirect your focus.

  • These goals you are aiming for will give you new energy and motivating commitment 

  • Discovering your beliefs and hidden talents  - we will break through your self-limiting thoughts

  • The sessions are about bringing you confidence and motivation the pace is set that is best for you and to get the most from the experience and support.  


What can Life Coaching Improve in your Life?

  • Work:  You spend 60% of your life at work? Are you in the industry or a role that you love? Do you feel you’re meeting your full potential? Or do you spend more than 60% of your life at work; are you struggling to get that work-life balance?

  • Social Life: Do you have the confidence to meet new people? Would you like to have more presence in a room? Or do you have people in your life that are negative and you’re not sure what to do?

  • Finances: Money can’t buy you happiness – but a lack of it can lower your motivation and cause a lot of stress. Do you need help managing the panic and overwhelming feeling?

  • Partner/Relationships: Are you in a relationship and not sure it’s for you and feel clouded by everyone’s judgment in your life? Or are you single and don’t have the confidence or using past experiences to stop you moving forward?

  • Aspirations: Do you have that aspiration, which seems so scary and daunting to go for and wouldn’t know the first thing to do to accomplish this dream

  • Health: Do you feel you should exercise more or eat better but have no motivation or drive to know where to start. Stress at work affecting your health and causing anxiety and affecting your relationships, but don’t know how to tackle situations at work? 


Life Coaching isn’t counselling and it’s not therapy, I support and looking forward to your future.  By asking you questions maybe you’ve not thought about yourself and support you in moving in the right direction



In a location that suits your lifestyle and commitments. In-person or via skype Mission You will work around the client for the best results


Get in touch if you have any more questions.

Or if you believe life and executive coaching could help you click here to find out about pricing and appointments


Life & Executive Coaching

About Life & Executive Coaching

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