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How Gratitude Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Was on the train heading back from a meeting in London last week and there were 2 older gentlemen talking about their kids and the fact they always ask for stuff...one gentlemen said, "if it's not to look after grand kids, then what you think is an invite round to have a catch up and sit in the chair for a beer, instead turns into "Dad there's something wrong in the kitchen", next thing you know I'm under the sink fixing something".

I was giggling to myself as I could imagine my Dad saying similar things about me.

This being the same day that our team at work has marvellous Mondays and this Monday we had to email someone to tell them we are thankful/grateful or thank them for something they have done. I got a message from someone that works with me, which was amazing and made me feel uplifted. I sent an email to one of my members of staff to thank them. Got me thinking about gratitude.

When was the last time you told someone you were thankful for them? Let me guess when prompted. Maybe they did a favour for you. But what about the little times when someone text to see how you was or maybe at work when someone saw you were stressed and they made you a cuppa.

Also gratitude isn't for just people, they have a major part. But it's about gratitude for the situation and the life you have and lead. I know, i know, life sucks. and yep sometimes doesn't go our way. But seeing the glass half full or even having a glass will allow you to approach any situation with a different mindset.

You may not be aware but gratitude has many health benefits...

  • improvement on breathing. rather than your heart racing because you are in that panic/worst case scenario mode.

  • reduces stress hormones which over time can be linked to many other health issues.

  • makes your more alert and awake.

  • physiological / mental health can be improved by allowing us to amplify the good we have in our lives that we may have clouded with our thoughts

So how can you be more grateful, how can you pass on the happiness and stay in that mindset...

Tip 1

  1. Make a list, from everything waking up in a house you love, to being with the one you love. Having friends and family etc. Sometimes it might be because I'm alive. You can do this list once a week or every night have a journal and think of at least 3 things that happened in that day that you had gratitude for.

Tip 2

Celebrate small things. You got to work today with no traffic....WHAT!!! Celebrate it by saying thank you when you get to work and keep the positivity going.

Tip 3

Stay positive even when negativity clouds you. Ever been in the situation when people around you moan all the live long day? Yep, me to. Remove yourself from the situation or change the subject to one of positivity. A lot harder than it sounds, it's easier to drag someone down than it is to build someone up.

Tip 4

Expectations, not everyone is like you, handles situations like you or knows what you are thinking, your not Mel Gibson in What Women Want (90s film classic). So rather than expected people to do things and get annoyed or hurt when they don't. Tell them what you want or how you feel (I know novel idea eh lol). Appreciate everything the small or the big as I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Gratitude is part of living mindful and driving what you want from life and being in control, of your thoughts and feelings. Any experience we have in life is how we react to it, not the actual physical thing that's happening.

I'd love to hear and see how you capture gratitude. Share your comments and thoughts below.

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