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How to Survive Valentines Day as a Singleton

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

So it's that time of the year again, yep, the valentine's aisle in the supermarket with a load of red and pink cards, chocolate boxes on the shelves and love is everywhere.

If you're single then your eyes roll at the mention of it, or maybe you're married and so over Valentine's day before its even begun.

If your significant other is more like a glass of wine or the pizza delivery guy, here are some top tips to coping with this lovey-dovey season:

Treat Yo Self

In the words of Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation - "Treat Yo Self", could be a purchase you've wanted for a while, maybe a film you've been dying to see. Could be that expensive wine you never get but know tastes amazing, or a take-out you've wanted in a while and you don't have to share. I love having a pamper night, my Sand and Sky face pack, Coco & Eve hair mask while drinking prosecco and eating a share bag, to myself. That's right, Amy doesn't share chocolate.

Share the Love

Remember when you went to primary school and gave cards to your sweetheart and friends. As we grow up we forget that Valentines Day is about love, not just for our partners, but for our friends and family as well. We love them, so why not send them a card, make them feel special and pay it forward. Be a nice surprise for them.

Don't believe everything you see on the internet

So social media is a blessing and a curse, and you only see what these people want you to see. Stay away from social media, turn off your phone, put it on flight mode. Wander where the WIFI is lost. Read a good book. Even, and wait for it, uninstall the Facebook or Insta app so you don't automatically go on it.

If you do go on Insta or Facebook and see photos of people, rubbing everyone's faces into their romantic night, remember it's all staged (or mostly), you don't see that they popped to Maccy D's, put the light low and lit some candles, and took the photo. Or they don't show the blazing row the couple had in the morning for one of them leaving the socks on the floor right near the bloody dirty laundry bin!

Babysit for a friend or family

Why not offer your services to a friend or family member, so they can go out as a couple (may have been years), nothing like spending time with kids to make you understand love, the purity and honesty they have. Never know they might have a handmade card for you and willing to share the chocolates they found that mummy or daddy got. :)

If not kids, offer to babysit the dog, then you'll see love unconditionally, they are always happy to see you, and love their belly being rubbed. Plus the endless snuggles with the four-legged creatures.

Pay it forward

Why not do something nice for someone else, even if you don't get anything in return. Crazy idea, but you get such a boost from this. Let someone out a junction (even if they don't say thanks, let it go), or put some money in a tip jar or charity box from the change from your sandwich and coffee, smile at people and maybe make a round of hot drinks for your colleagues and have a little chocolate heart to give them.

Work it out!

Spending a little more time at the gym, maybe there's a class you always wanted to take and never had the time. Or use the facilities available if you have them.....steamn or sauna room. The endorphins from the exercise will make you feel good and give you similar feelings to being in love, and you know, it may not be the fun way to get hot and sweaty but you know, will allow you not to feel guilty about eating the sweets.

Understanding the holiday for what it is

Don't forget it's one day out of the year, and it's based on a small winged angel with a pointy stick attacking people (while also wearing a man diaper as well). Love is love and should be celebrated any day of the year, so keep that in mind, if you are single or in a relationship. Never stop showing your loved ones, that they are special.

I'm not lonely. I have me!

Use Valentines Day to remind you that you are amazing and you've got great qualities that make you one of a kind. Think of the benefits of being single, watching what you want on TV, not having to share chocolate (see a running theme), do what you want, when you want, while having a significant other is lovely and nice for the company, you don't need anyone in your life to show or tell you, you are awesome!

Work out what you want from your ideal partners

Check out my blog post about breakups (https://www.mission-you.co.uk/blog-1/break-ups-sometimes-the-hardest-thing-and-right-thing-are-the-same) - there's a great exercise in this to figure out where you went wrong. Look at what you want for the next year and how you can meet that partner of your dreams. Don't be desperate about it, there are tons of other single people out there, searching for love just like you. Sometimes taking a chance is the first step, maybe go on that blind date that a friend was setting you up on. Or you could try some online dating website/apps - but just be safe and go with an open mind.

Half Priced Chocolates and Goodies

Oh man, February 17th / 18th and onwards - the half-price chocolates, meal deals, wine and cuddly teddies. Hello....bargain city! :) Just because it's a heart-shaped sweet, doesn't mean it tastes any different to normal shaped sweets, still taste as good.

Hope you enjoy your Valentines Day, what ever you get up to and that you enjoy the sweet treats or the treats you give to yourself.

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