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Lifes a Maze: The Only Way Out is Through

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

A few weekends ago it was one of my best friends weddings and it was amazing. I was honoured to be one of the bridesmaids.

As a little present, I created these kids activity books for the children to complete while they had dinner or while listening during the speeches. You know kids and attention spans.

One of the pages I had added to the book was a a maze, to get the bride to the groom. During the meal, I saw the kids use the books I created (yay for me) and watched one of the children do the maze. Getting annoyed with the wrong turns he made.

I had a light bulb moment (in the voice of Dru from Despicable Me lol). Life is like a maze. you start at one origin point and you need to get to the end of your goal. Now life is no straight line, wouldn't it be so much easier if it was?? But life is like a maze. Twists, turns, dead ends, no line of sight to the goal and having to try, make a decision and deal with the consequences.


You have to sometimes go further away from your goal to get you closer to it in the long run. Have you ever had that where you're at work and you've been given a raw deal on a project and it's pants? Boring and demotivating. Ever think that maybe it's the universe trying to steer you closer to the goal, that's its a dead end at the final mile but you needed to pick up skills to manage this project or deal with a tough circumstance. Sometimes you have to go through a shit time to give you a life lesson or to allow you to toughen up.

Or you lose your job, fail a test or fall out with a friend. Sucks right and you feel lost, hurt and vulnerable. But at least you know the path you were on wasn't right so you try another path. As you still have to get into the middle.

Watching the children do the mazes and see they were stuck on when the maze gave them three choices instead of two. I could hear one child saying "C'mon give me a break....I'll never complete this". Fancied turning around saying "Yep, even adults think that about life"

So how do you get to the end and is there a cheat or trick? "Ah ha," I say to you. There kinda is and it's about changing your perspective.


What if you started from the end and worked your way to the beginning? You knew what you wanted to achieve, your end goal...say was buying a house. What do you have to do to complete that...and no, robbing a bank for a deposit is not great. idea, but you could look at some alternatives:

  • shared ownership schemes

  • cut cost or spend wisely on bills and food etc

  • set yourself a weekly budget

  • have cash rather than the card so you are more aware of what you are spending

  • etc etc

That way you have long and short-term plans that you can pick start and also achievable. Remember

  1. .Be specific on your goal

  2. How will you know if you've been successful

  3. Is it achievable...saying you are going to win the lottery let you buy the house well...you and the rest of the world are still clinging onto that.

  4. Are you going to set yourself a deadline..by 2019 I would have saved £4,000. Or maybe at the end of the month, I will save £100.

So next time you are with children and have an activity book. I'm sure you will look at them in a different way. Good luck in reaching your goals and would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

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