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So I'm on the train, staring at my phone and stumble upon a ted talk, was going to scroll past but could see the passion of the speaker. Then the title caught my eye...

This talk was around smiling...how it improves so many things and how people look at you. Which reminded me, so I'm going to admit something here. I was on a dating website. I know shocking and depressing (short lived as I'm too old for that shit!). I started talking to a couple of gentlemen (perception at the moment) and there have been some more ungentlemen like attention (the joys of window shopping on your phone). However, I have been complimented on my smile. Which never really triggered anything, plus a few times while in other offices at work, I'm always commented on how smiley I am. Generally, it's to put myself in a good mood if I smile I feel good.

The reason I mention this is the Ted talk, it said that smiling can make you attractive to someone. So I did a little more research as I was thinking, genius I will smile more and maybe get more dates / meet the man of my dreams. What I found in my research (No lab coat required)


Smiling is evolutionary and that back in the days of cavemen and probably the go-to dating style was more bang a woman on the head and drag her back to the cave. Smiling meant that you were showing you're not a threat, and nowadays it's developed to show your a happy (I'm mean dur), carefree and outgoing type of person.

Bet you may not have known this but we are in the womb smiling and we are doing this before we even breathe our first breath.

We then as babies smile mostly in our sleep and when we hear sounds that we can relate to.


Did you know smiling can actually prolong your life? There have been studies looking at yearbooks for high schools in the US and review pictures from baseball card, looking for the wide and more facial smile, which then leads to having a longer life. 35% of people live longer if they smile more. It lowers your heart rate and reduces blood pressure. So forget the wrinkle cream and smile till you have crows feet.


Picture this, it's 8.30am and your walking into work and your coffee you picked up from Starbucks hasn't kicked in yet. Your still technically half asleep and you don't remember most of the journey to work. While your computer is switching on you flick through Facebook to pass the time and a funny meme passes you and you smile maybe even chuckle to yourself. Do you feel more awake? Sure you do.

Or you are trying to scold your child for something they did wrong. Yet what they did was kinda funny and they know it and have a cheeky smile on their face. How many times, if your a parent have you not been able to follow through on discipline and you start to giggle, your partner catches on and giggles and then your child does.

Laughter is infectious, nearly as much as yawning. Our facial mimicry allows us to nearly feel and experience what the other person is going through. picking up those happy vibes.


OK, what I'm about to say might blow your mind....a smile, I repeat, a smile can stimulate your brain the same way 2,000 bars of chocolate could.

So I'm going to break this down again, smiling not only does it help with other health benefits but it can make you feel like you've eaten chocolate (I mean like a good few "share" bags....that no one actually shares). I mean mind + info = mind blown.

The same study that found this information out also for the non-chocolate lovers, smiling can also be the equivalent to receiving £16k in cash.

One smile, the thing that happens when you pull your muscles, this can be something that makes you feel these feelings. incredible.


After studying about stress to be a stress management consultant, it's so surprising how this feeling can change your body so much. Stress can release hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, which can make your heart pound faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rise and breath quicken. Can you imagine the strain that this puts on your organs? Smiling can actually reduce these hormones and can actually increase the endorphins and reduce blood pressure.


As I put in the beginning smiling can make you look attractive and courteous. but all competent as well.

I mean next time your feeling low or stressed look up some funny YouTube videos. smile even if you don't feel like it, will turn your mood around and you also might pay it forward but passing that smile on.

If you are struggling to smile or things are too much. Please don't forget to contact Mission You for some helping in making smiling easier and life happier.

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