As the pace of modern life accelerates, so stress grows and mutates into an even bigger factor and its causes, symptoms, and effects take on new forms.  

Stress may be related to many different things; work (unemployment, high workload), family (divorce, relationship difficulties), house (moving house, problems with neighbours), personal issues (bereavement, illness).  

If stress is not tackled, it can make things worse, causing headaches, problems sleeping, constant worrying and feeling tired all the time.   

How can stress management help?

Linked with the life coaching techniques, we set up a plan on how to deal with the stress, where it’s coming from and what affects this is having on you personally and professionally. This could cover time management, relaxation techniques and potentially helping you approach the situation within your workplace business.


Business/ Corporate Stress Management
Mission You can support companies and corporations set up a stress management policy, and provide risk reviews to certain projects that are changing fundamental processes and roles within the business. Provide training to managers to further their skills in recognising and tackling stress within the team dynamics. Arrange training for staff to increase awareness of stress challenges with skills and techniques to increase coping abilities and empower them on how to deal with stress.



In a location that suits your lifestyle and commitments. In-person or via skype Mission You will work around the client for the best results


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Stress Management

About Stress Management

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